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Haha, this one is my favorite of them all. I love it!

@christian09- Who cares?! It's not supposed to be realistic anyway, and what will adding Real Tv Channels do anyway


I seriously disagree with BrainGig. I thought this was was hilarious. My facorites in order are 6, this one, and 7.

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This game is truly addicting. For those who are wondering, I myself have a reasonable good strategy... however it need be fine tuned to your liking. This is because I myself have only gotten to level 28 with it, but this is because I got lazy without shooting the zombies myself. It makes use of a very interesting glitch/bug in coding to allow you more space for the zombies to ignore you. What you do is...

You should by now already have a mochigames profile, as it will save your career. As in the previous guide posted, the "Badassness" and "Sentry Guns" perks help, and shouldn't be taken for granted.
Wait until you have at least 575 dollars before leaving the intro area. (Killing zoms here is easy with the free premium gun). Do not use any grenades unless aboslutely sure you need them. Once you have 575, wait until the round is about over and quickly do this: Open street, open reception, buy shotgun, open latrine, get blueprints for G3. Once you hace done this, wait a little until you have 150 and open the vehicle bay. From here, the easiest way to kill things is to circle around the tank using the shotgun to kill the masses of smaller zombies and the free premium gun to take out the big ones (such as the tongue zombie and the butcher, not to mention crazy crawling lady). Wait until you have 750 and open the workshop. Now, fend off around the tank again until you have 500, and open the room in the reception above the latrines. This is wear the "bug" comes into play. You do not have to worry about any barriers. In this room, the zombies have only 1 path to follow. If you stand in the bottom left corner of the room, any zombies that enter the room at all will all follow an exact line. If you hug the bottom wall after being in that corner, and walk until you stand right at the entance of the door to the reception, the zombies will ignore you, having a priority of entering the room first and completely passing you before finnaly homing in onto you. This means that whilst at the door you can shotgun straight down into the zombies and mow most of them out. If needed, you can pull back to the bottom left corner for extra time. For now, wait until you hace 1500 and buy the G3. You will not need to pull out this gun unless you see alot of the more powerful zombies. Keep shaving down the small zombies with the shotgun, and when you see there bigger ones, run back the the corner and fire at the line they walk down with the G3. Continue this until you have 4000. Once you do, make one of the lowerclass sentries on top of a stool of the table in the room (the stools on the right) which gives it a good view of the top barricade, the right barricade, and the door. This sentry will help you greatly on slowing down and killing some of the bigger zombies, but the smaller zombies should already eb ewasy work for you. It also helps by killing the zombiers above and beside you that come in, so that you don't need to change your angle. Buy 3 of these lesser sentries ( and place them above and below the first one) Once you have 3, save all of your money and buy one of the larger ones.Put it spack dab to the left of the middle of the little sentries. As you might not have figured out, they havce a great view of the pathway to the mess hall, which you SHALL NOT OPEN. The little hallway above should be used at last resort , and even ten, shouldnt. This is because once yoyu are in there, if there are loads of zombies coming, You will NOT be able to get out without opening the above door, and once you open it, 200 more zombies appear, spelling your doom. So basically, Don't. Back to the guide... You will Now buy either 1 or 2 more little sentries, putting them in fitting spots around the others. After this, save up again for another big one. By now you have noticed there are alot of red necro zombies. The sentry guns should keep them stunned long enough that you can keep using you shotgun as if it were a normal zombie. Pull back behind your sentries if too many skeles appear. If you continue this strat and keep buying sentries, you will survive

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